Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Invest in Roku

I see this as a good opportunity. Roku has recently grown to a billion dollar company. Free Apps for channels that provide free movies and television are just taking hold of market share making cable almost obsolete. Roku carries these apps with internet access raising the quality of free entertainment. This free entertainment draws people to buy the Roku setup for their television. It is one of the first in the field making it a good investment it just IPOed in 2017 and sits 59.32 per share as of April 9 2019. I predict this billion dollar company to grow several fold to get more market share. Roku puts everything back into growth making it a growth company. As it becomes more popular more apps will become available. Will it take the path of Netflix and become a movie content company? I think so. Going through the internet for connection is way cheaper than modern television technology. So we should be blessed with more television channels.

I, Michael Wilkinson don't own any of Roku as of yet.

Invest at your own risk.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Panhandling: A Human Right

I think panhandling is a human right. It is people's right to fundraise and some people need it to survive. You shouldn't take a survival tactic of someone getting on their feet.  This taking away begging is bad for street businesses. People make money on the side of the road. Church raise funds by selling bottles of water, soda, and carmel apples. Firefighters and servicemen raise funds by panhandling. People sale papers,wash windows by panhandling. Your discouraging good businesses and a good economy. It frees up the state from additional debt by allowing panhandling. Less people using unemployment. I know I would have done it once when I was stranded without my license. I just didn't think about it.  You never know.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Low stock prices.

I found some cheap stocks online. I think it is a good time to find "rule breaking" stocks online to invest in. Some of my predictions have done well. Twitter which I previously said to invest in is nearly doubled in stock.
Here is some links. In these we need to do more research but these look interesting as investments.


I currently haven't bought any of the shares yet.