Sunday, October 14, 2018

Learning to Engage

We want to go where the Lord goes, do as he does, when we do this we ask... What is the Father doing? How are we to do something for the Lord with him? We do it in peace and faith. Let your steps be by the inspiration of God. If you feel that someone is left out, ask the Lord what we are to do for him. We can not do it without him. I feel there is more to me than what I say, but it is what he says and leads that makes the way for us; we want more. Are we helping Jesus to get there? We need to watch him and partner with him to help. We have so many great things ahead when we get our Lord in the mix of our lives. It is impossible to do ministry without God and effect his heart. We want to effect his heart. He loves our steps with him. God wants you to succeed. Look at what it looks like for true success for you.. He loves you, loves to bless you. It is important to succeed with him. If your just with him your successful. The Lord looks for people all the time who are faithful. God wants to lift you up. He works out of your a relationship a success you don't understand, it is beautiful. Look to him. I constantly remind you to follow him. I love him so much, I make him the leader in whatever I do. You should love me more than you do, I'm not a trend, I'm a person. God feels this and so do I. I know Jesus has led me to tell you. He has me imitate him. He wants you to be free to look at me with respect. I need more respect, it's not about coolness. I work so hard to help you guys and I don't get enough respect. Irregardless, I need to be honored. I don't get enough honor. It hurts so much to walk in my shoes sometimes.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Toyota finally fixed the charge problem by a 1000 mile range on the car.

Toyota finally fixed the charge problem by a 1000 mile range on the car.

We are probably headed to a bull market. The world is going to get more mobile. More traveling more opportunities. More LDRs. More adventures, for us to explore. Less cost, more plug-in vehicles as we all thought, We are going to see more generosity. More options on oil. Cheaper plastics. Cheaper products. More money for us, less strife. Less comparing gas prices. Next we get solar panels and other apparel for travel. As a author this is a blessing from God. Please let these cars not be that expensive it frees everyone up. Sorry oil guys.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Elective Bible Literacy Movement

There has been some movement in schools on this movement to teach bible literacy as a social studies course. I think many people don't know about the course and we should have it in school. It is important for the future. It is something supposed to happen. We need ethics from bible literacy. The constitution and the bible need to be taught together for freedom. The historic background of the bible in schooling of the Bill of Rights is important. We need to look to his ways, take reference of their application. I wanted everyone to get involved. I'd like a teaching position at a school teaching the bible.

Link For More Information

Friday, September 28, 2018

Something Infastructural

The world needs infastructured everything, this is a perfect world that needs to be made. Here is a secret, we steal God's instructure from heaven, we rend the heavens like his realm. God is creature that can't help his perfection, it lays a foundation that can't can't be built without him.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Something New

God wants me to continue my journey learning some harder things such as the Jewish language. I am going to try to get more structure to my ministry. Word studies to learn the Jewish language and lifestyle maintaining of course my roots in Christianity. The Messiah is important too, he teaches me everyday to live a better life. We always remember he judges us with our degree and way of judgement held to his degree of judgement. His degree is better than our degree. He often leads us to love and holiness, to keep with repentance, kindness and grace. He wants us to live justly and have mercy. He teaches us new things like a child, the world is no smaller than what he created. We have learned but do we know a measure. He always has more. He is always there to guide and discipline.Let Christ Guide You AND GIVE HIS COUNSEL. :D

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Living with Jesus

I can only make it so much and the Lord wants me to make it as much as him. When my heart condemns me, the Lord is there to pick me up. I fight for a good relationship with God. I know him and he knows me. It is like the air that I breathe, the water that I drink, the food that I eat. I know with him I am alive. I dare not depart. I am sorry Lord for departing even though you knew what I could withstand. It is your son that you see. Even though I came back you want me to renew my vows to you. You want me baptized even though, You baptized me in the heavenly realm and I baptized myself twice. There is nothing like connecting yourself to your bride. I will be baptized by the group I am supposed to soon. God I love you.

If you like to be baptized talk to us here at Free Encouragement we would be happy to enter you into the fold of the church. Message us at