Sunday, May 15, 2016

Face the Truth

We all need a wake up call every once in a while. It is important to walk by faith. It is important to go and do the things of the Lord that need to be done. It is him to be wise about our walking. He wants us blameless in the Lamb. We are saved and assured of heaven but we need to walk by faith in him. He is the truth that bring us life. Give to him your all, he gives everything for you. When we can’t give are all, he holds us up in his strength. He gives us the strength for all the miles we go. He is the lover that keeps us going, the endurance of the kingdom of saints. We can make it by faith. We can be faithful sheep of the shepherd. He leads us down by still waters to rest in him. When we face God we face a gentle lover. He is also a judge. Let us acknowledge him and develop a relationship with him. He want to guide us in real life principals. He wants to give us a kingdom to rule and reign with him. Let us make the kingdom of God like heaven. He has heaven for you. Knowing him is the way of life, it is a stewardship of all kinds of loving matters. He gives us the strength to be faithful. We must be faithful to him.

He has a love for us unending... Love him back.

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