Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The fruit of stewardship

We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised. Hebrews 6:12 (NIV)

I added Google Translate to the website so that our friends in Mexico,Peru and other countries could view the blog.

It translates okay but eventually I'd like to do it with my healing ministries help. I am working towards a healing ministry. It will be great. I think that there is a lot of good work going on with that. I think the fruit of stewardship can lead towards that. I already pray for a lot of people over the phone in past seasons at my job for their health. I do it silently since it is a secular business that doesn't allow me to pray for people over the phone. I feel like there was a lot of healing that happened with that. I want meetings where I can pray for the sick and preach, I think a lot of miracles could happen. I think every person wants to have superpowers, change the world in people's lives, be blessed well by God. I think there is a lot of people out there looking at the same thing. I want to see a lot of hope released. Financial ministries established, business ethics greatly changed in the world.I want to see the world without hunger and famine as Jesus ministers through us all. I want industries built from God ideas. We can build much with Good Stewardship. It is more God than people understand.

We want to be in charge. Don't worry, I am wounding the enemy, the Lord is speaking greatly through me. It is good to war for God in your prayer closet for great things to happen. It started with prayer, is what more ministries say. It starts with us. 

It is easier to do things small but great wisdom can grow something into great influence. Don't doubt yourself, look for wisdom. Look for the fullness of influence you can have. It is greater online than you think. It is a jumping point. 

Use what you have and look to God how you can be helped in ministry. 

With love in your heart for your passion turn it into a ministry and God will bless your passion. It is good to look at something you can do with your life consistantly.

The passage I mentioned above at the beginning. It said to have patience and faith. A wise woman pastor Debbie Taylor told me the definition of patience is to be in a "consistant way of living". It is a fruit of a good passion. If you stick at something you will grow to love into something you can do more with. Let God take you on a journey with your passion at hand. He has a great journey if you give him your passion. It will light a great fire for others in a way that ignites passion in others. You can do art, music, writing, math, businesses, you name it in your heart. Financial ethics is needed in the world look for needs constantly until you find a passion that ignites others around you; look to God on this. It will help you find encouragement as you do things. 

Look to God on your journey constantly and you'll see a path for you. Be yourself and build the character and skills to do your passionate ministry. It will be great as you grow and experience God through the process. It will be wonderful with him guiding you. It is the thing of faithfullness follow him and you will be blessed with more freedom and life. It will be blessed as you follow his principles of life.

So follow him, he will show you the way. See how he can bless you into a new season. It is a infinitely possible God we serve. He can make your dreams come true. Be consistant and build your expertise in the areas and you will grow in grace, it is good steps. He can do it with you, you able to become great with God. Do it with him.

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