Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Welcome to the internship part-time packet

You will help market sermon materials and help with duties of the blog: editting, recording and posting to various networks that need the gospel. Most of your duty is to make sure readers get fed in other group ignitatives. You will also help give prayer to the hurting, intercession for the ministry. We need your help, we can do a lot more as God’s people work together. We will record your hours and bring others into the cause of Christ.

As we develop the teams of Godly leaders we can harvest much Spiritual fruit.

I can answer your questions as we grow in Christ together as friends.

Eventually we will start developing more and more ministry for God working as a well oiled engine. We’ll develop teams to intern and grow the ministry to reach more souls. We’ll make fundraisers for gospel efforts and spread the good news around the world!

Develop twitter account
Work on like pages
Fundraise for book publication
Create events for Free Encouragement Dot org.

Fundraise for more hits on youtube and facebook

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