Saturday, June 11, 2016

Imparting with Heaven

God has an abundance in heaven waiting for us. He has land, mansions, good fruit, treasures of everlasting life. Our inheritance is a right to reign and rule, God can create now for you ways to intercept these treasures on earth. We want to rend in the inheritance share in the glory of its place. We want to impart from those above to send treasures of God’s abundance to us. Let your savings overflow and be used for the kingdom glory of our eternal life. I ask God to open now new fianances for us to use for the kingdom. Let spiritual power fall from the heavens to earth to bring more of heaven’s impartation into the heaven’s realm in earth realm. Let us impart deeply, may great transmission flow from the heavenly rulers to those on the earth. We want the heaven realm on earth. It is good to have more of heaven.
I have been feeling more and more delieverance from the heavenly places. It’s glory is being released. It’s fruit is coming to me and I feel it delieverance. Recieve fruit from the heavenly realm, impart with it spiritually. It can change you to be greater on earth. It shall manifest inside of you. You shall feel its power being released from you in later times for the day is coming when the works of heaven will be done on earth. The earth will shine bringing in a new day. It is will be brighter than the sun. I love the earth in full glory, let us see it’s glory.
I give you a way to transmit from the heavens to earth. Partake in it. Be sealed in it. Come to Christ in it. See the kingdom of heaven come alive in your eyes. Glory laughter joy shall be your heart. It is a great way too. You will know him. Come to his faith, his living faith. Have faith you will be in him forever. I can see his coming soon. It will be like a light burning forever in the noon day time. It will come like a storm in the night, woken by the dawn and its sun. You don’t know when the awakening happens though many prepare for it you may wake sooner or later. It happens quicker than the quickest can take you there.  It happens slower than me. It happens quicker than me. It quickens me.
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