Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trust in him, for everlasting life

I believe steps are taken to increase your faith, a walk of faith to love God is where the journey takes us. We are prepared for something more to be more than what we were before. It is then held before us to live to love to know the more we become through the experience taken in from a flash to drastic change. It is beautiful to know him. That is all I can say. It is an unpredictable experience, one memorable to the heart of faith. We seek to deepen ourselves his depth will do it. A journey with him is worth the wait. It is worth taking any day of the week. 3 in the morning in the evening time when everything is tired past any weariness it is a trip worth taking. It is an experience, it the night to remember, the day to remember, it is moment we cherish. It is the change we seek. The ephipany that solves us. It is a journey of your lifetime, it is worth the excursion. It is destiny we awaken to when we accept him. When we accept his words and go forth to save our worlds another day. The breath of fresh air from the father. It is beautiful. Take the journey of life with King Jesus. He wants to enliven your heart in beautiful precious things that make you wish for more. It is seemingly beautiful with first glance and like a breath of air for the first time it leaves you wanting more as you are saturated by the love of him. It is wonderous. It is just a glimpse sometimes. Like a peak at a great prize hidden before you wrapped in love by your best friend. It lives when you accept him, your heart pumps new. You experience newness for the first time. It is so beautiful. Take time to seek him. It is a journey of the greatest worth. Beautiful to walk with him. Look at life a little differently seek out God. Look for something more to life. Put your heart into it for the real answer. Jesus is real and wants you. He wants you badly as a dear friend, as a lover lost at sea, as a dear kind friend he wants you. Increase yourself in the measure of your faith and reach out to the friend on the waters that wants to save you from the storm. Let him lift you up from the waves, recieve him, let him save you. It is very beautiful to look upon God with a life ahead of you. Look to Christ Jesus as a Friend recieve him today. Say to the Lord Yeshua, I recieve you as Lord and Savior.. I recieve you Christ Jesus as my personal savior. Cleanse me from my sins, make me righteous today. I turn my way to yours. Let me recieve your Holy Spirit, let me see my journey with you. It is a good journey with him. Join me for guidance on your journey. Read and join our facebook groups for further discipleship.

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