Friday, July 15, 2016

We have more grace than we joke about

We should take God seriously. He gives us so much love as we come to understand him. God isn't a joke at a bar. He is a life-giver. This life-giver drained all his blood on the table for us. He took his life to save ours. He is really like that, when we look at the cross and the growing pains people have at the faithfullness to his resurrection. We see him not as an archaic chaotic religion but a friend who loves us. When we look to the friend we receive so much life. He is a lover lost in the grace filled message to save us. He sings it as his lovely melody of his heart, he gives so much to us every day. The sun, the air, the stars bow and worship him in awe singing their song of love to him. The rocks grow to mountains to praise him. The seas sink in the sea to love him. The ocean breathes life in the air to exalt him. We see the movement of the birds and the fish who long to see him come back to the earth to worship him all the more. It is an excited world for him as we see his spirit enliven the hearts of men. It is a beautiful world we live and breathe in every day. The Atheist can't see the beauty and purpose that will come upon us as we see the financial breakthroughs, the emotional breakthroughs, the spiritual enlightenment that brings everything everyone really desires. They just need to see Jesus as who he is... LOVE. Then BAM EVERYTHING IS SO EMPOWERED, EVERYTHING IS SO PURPOSEFULLED! The Color, the beauty, the life of God is so magnified of LIFE IT SELF! As we see the realness of life in Jesus it brings us more and more. You feel so alive!

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