Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Comedian Theology,how to become a comedian on the road

I have learned a thing or two about comedy. It's fun. It is fun to build up your comedic self. First off you got to build up your timing. Talk to friends and work out your jokes. Look for what type of comedy your good at satire, observations,satrical storytelling,props,blonde jokes,hick jokes, Jokes on how stupid people are, illustrations,put downs, the last one use with caution.

Some blonde and hick jokes are bad when you deface a group too much with jokes it can hurt the individual. There is also slap-stick, puns,knock-knock jokes and Chuck Norris jokes.

Ask the people who make you laugh the most. Ask a professional one for advice they may hand you a book on it. Comedy is really good, professional speakers use alot of comedy. We are supposed to be salt and light, comedy makes use of the salt. It makes us salt. Toastmasters is a good place to start. You can find pastors that know how to crack a wise-crack. Those that can add movement and gestures to their comedy become funnier to watch.You can also add techniques such as a round about where you take all the information and bring it back as a joke at the end of a thought. Having confidence helps you portray the joke better. Practice it in front of a mirror and learn to hold a face to not ruin the joke. You can build your sense of humor skills by working on your funnybone. Everyone has one!

Practice in front of friends and go to comedy clubs to perfect it. You may watch alot of comedy from comedians online, that can build up your funny bone to full power. One thing I noticed is the more creativity you build up the better your comedy is. Work on your creativity as you write jokes. You may find yourself repeating wise cracks of a friend once in a while ask them to add it to a show.

Host a show if you make people laugh alot, do it at your church and make people sing. They'll be laughing at the end of the night. Record it a few times and you'll have a dvd. Get a Uline book to buy cases of cd cases and dvd cases, send discs to be detailed, get yourself a a specialty dvd burner that can burn multiple dvds at once with the program to do it. Get yourself a dvd menu program maker, copyright the dvd for 35 dollars and make slip in cover then you have a comedy dvd. Add two or three cameras with a program to switch shots for more dvds.Who knew it would be that easy?!

Get a marketing consultant to show you how to sell it using SEO. They will show you how to do that. Go build a store on shopify and connect it to a blog or Cloversites for 1000 dollars. Or a friend that knows how to build a site and behold you have your own joke business. Tell this to a friend who is funniest and inspire him to start telling jokes for a living.

At last do it for the Lord, give him all the glory and preach a little and give your testimony as well. You'll see that people like church jokes. We need more christian comedians even mimes and ventriloquists! 


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