Friday, May 19, 2017

Destroying Rebellion

Many adults and kids and teens are rebellious. It is calmer in adults but can be the attitude that "I will do whatever I want,I don't care who it harms or what it creates." I think that people advertised rebellion to teens in the media in the 90s as "the thing to do." It didn't matter what you were doing, "just rebel when you get a certain age." Then parents entertain this evil to be cool. Rebelling against society was constantly loosed in the 90s and it damaged everything. What they should tell teens is "be yourself." "Be strong, grow wise because wisdom is needed at whatever age. I thank God, that they in media are saying, "Oh what did I do!" I sense a hint of repentance with it. Adults need to get kids to a steadfast betterment of society. Let the principality fall to hell. Destroying Rebellion!

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