Monday, May 15, 2017

Looking to a New Day

(Self Discovery)
I had been working out trying to sell a product for a while now. At first I thought it was a book even though right now I have a book I am just fundraising. It seemed like I had a children's book but no illustration, then an adult book but an endless struggle to make it happen. I came to a place of hardache from the experience as it seemed I would never break the mold to get past a 9 dollar an hour secular job that I could stay in a while coming up with endless ideas that seem to distract me from goals that I couldn't get away from. I had mania from it as I wanted something that could provide for a family and possibly seminary or larger company to raise up churches. I think the Lord is far reaching and he has slowed the process till he is ready. I think salesmanship and faith have to be there in some type of fundraising with something else's needs and dropshipping with advertising can change. You have to be upfront and ask to get. Financing even fundraising with nonprofits works when you ask. It is important to ask that is the point I am at. I need to make partnerships with churches for funds to make my goals to my ministry work. At first it seems I couldn't do it but faith will make it work. So I will fund raise more to win souls. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that God is riping the fields for immediate harvest. I see soul opportunities and I need to go and do it. So I will get better tools to harvest, I think I am about to discover my tractor. It is going to come soon.

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