Sunday, May 14, 2017

Making this a Social Center

My blog sometimes does other thing related with freedom and art that are secular. Secular means they have little to do with the subject of God itself but can have religious undertones when it wants. I think expression is a part of the heart and we should not quench expression in anyway that is with the spirit that God approves of in art. I am going to display more art and sale it on my website, it seems to be wanted badly and I desperately want to serve in it. 
Martin Luther King Jr said, 
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This is my heart to serve in art, as a National Patron of the United States I love doing this. I was bestowed this honor when I was 17. Honored by Pope Francis and Barack Obama this past year. My art has been requested by them. I hope fulfill the honor.

We can all make our mark. Here is the Piece I plan to send Obama.
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I am going to leave you with a piece of music.

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