Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 2016 Vision

I watched the Lord from his throne and a vail appeared white and beautiful made of glass. He took it in his hand anointed himself with a dab of it and placed a little on his neck. Jesus told me it was anointing of revival. He had it for me and he has it for others. He had me wait and think, I longed for the anointing. I wanted it. All I could see is the vail and him. I knelt and laid on the ground near the anointing, he then started to pour it slowly as I longed for it and poured it slowly on my head then more and more anointing came upon my head. I knelt on one knee. The Lord told me beforehand, “You are more worthy than you think.” It made me think, of how much redemption the cross redeemed it. It made full of respect, ruling favor, a leader of worlds in heavenly places. The redemption brought me from indignation and eternal torture to a king in the heavenly places. How much redemption we have with him. We are redeemed and made worthy by the king of kings who leads us to greatness in the heavenly realm, it is forever we feel love. I love him so.

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