Thursday, June 8, 2017

The difference between the Holy Spirit and a religious spirit

Knowing difference between a spirit of religion and the Holy Spirit is hard until you'll only go where the Holy Spirit lives; this is why the search for the presence of God is so important.How do you escape a religious spirit in the church? Recognition of the spirit entities in a building, the fake spiritual atmosphere that is different from presence. This takes a gift of understanding spirits in a building and bondage on persons. We must pray for our eyes to be opened. People may not be ready for that. What is the presence of God with our senses? Restore our senses. Lord may the Spirit of the Lord God presence teach us the difference. May this group, never follow a religious spirit but the presence of the living God Lord Jesus. It's all about the presence, we must take a hard look at the church and without compromise remove the religious spirit and replace it with presence. We must take our senses to the light and say I want to feel you,see you,hear you,know you;become like you Jesus. Teach us of heaven and it's ways, let us be honest with one another and not afraid of what we find. We must have faith and stir up faith in one another.

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