Saturday, June 3, 2017


I am seeing the wonder building in the world of the church and I think prophetically were on the edge of a revival. We held back and calmed down our style and repented. I think that we put our opinions ahead of us now we are putting relationship ahead. Relationship bring us disciples. We have to build our relationships to a place of great grace to teach the gospel.We are more relationally regearing to the gospel of grace. We have been building relationship, we need to introduce the gospel of grace.The gospel of grace gives us an introduction prophetically. Have you ever taught your testimony at church? Have you ever read the bible in the front and shared your opinion? They're has to be more introductions so other groups can save their friends at the building. Lord give believers a chance to share their message of faith in the gospel of grace. Let them share their testimony,let them teach the word, let them share the gospel of grace. Take your friends and look at the grace you built up and talk to them about God. Share music with them, discuss this with them, do you think the world is turning to a kinder message of the gospel? I think so..

Wonder song should inspire you, you can use it to introduce the gospel of grace. Maybe one of your friends may recognize it.

I feel like we can be inspired to do our own event. Not just pastors but students as well. Let them inspire their friends, take your friends out the lake and teach them. Plan it like a hang out it shouldn't be much. Pick 3 friends, start now.

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