Sunday, July 16, 2017

Triumph,Victory and Promise

Believe for your triumph for God has yours in victory. Look to him for the face of triumph. His face will lead your prosperity to greatness. Yours is the victory and power forever. God has it in his hands, go to his hands and face the judgement of victory. His hands are winning hands, uplifted you are and blessed. You are blessed with victory. Victory is his promise.
I want us to be forspeaking with such an attitude miracles manifest even more than they are. We can have more. He is pouring vat after vat of miracle. We are greatly given grace for the miracle. Let us forsake doubt for next level of miracles. Let us put worry far from us. Let our gathering thoughts spout great wisdom for the coming victory to gather itself forward. We will make victory it is the Lords/ When you don't know the way worship and plan victory. You are free and victorious. Worship for the king desires it. You are his victory and victory is your promise. He is victorious not defeated. Scattered are the enemies of God pressed down scattered and on their way to altar they are. Forsake the enemy and bring victory with repentance. It is coming, it is planned your day will shine as bright as his declaration can go. His declaration is greater than any declaration we can make. His declaration is promise. A prophetic plan for us to walk in and embrace. His hands are at work.Jesus will make us win. Jesus gives us our answer. We will have victory. It is a great victory!!!!!!

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