Sunday, August 20, 2017

Godly Dancing

The whole argument of sensuality comes into play when people are dancing. I believe some dancing is meant for public and some dancing is carnal. So really need to see what sensuality like to solve whole dancing debockal. It is help to us to know most group dances are holy, like how the jews do a community dance. Or how Greeks dance lifting up a person. I think the dances of middle ages and the 1800s give us an idea of dancing as a group these dances don’t build up emotions like a waltz. Any kind of two step with the opposite sex can lead to sensuality. These are dances you have to watch out for lewdness. It is usually best to dance something you practiced so you can focus on your emotions to avoid a nonsinful dance. Sensuality, lewdness and lust are your main enemies. I suggest dancing alot in groups before dancing two stepping. Bump and grind and Jirantions I think shouldn’t be public. That is sinful usually, the main thing is to avoid stife when your dancing with the opposite sex. Waist to shoulder dancing it is best to try these harder dances with your mother, a patonic friend that just wants to dance. Go with the Spirit of God and be filled by him. He will bring more of himself. Don’t worry what you can or want to do. So what the Lord wants you to do on the floor. By yourself dances that are nonsexual tend to give you entertainment for hours. I have a couple the spiderman dance and the t-rex dance.

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