Friday, August 4, 2017

The Beginning and The End

The beginning and the end is there 2 sides of this that Jesus has no beginning or end. He resurrected and went into the clouds where we could wait for him to return from heaven into battle. He is always continuous in nature. He was there in the garden, in the cloud of the Israelite, In the wrestling of Jacob, in the glory of Ezekiel described, in depths of the whale, he lives a vibrant life.
He handles eternal life by his father. He is given strength by the Spirit. He has no flesh so he walks right. His incarnate self has always existed in the Spirit but born at a point that was perfect. He is incarnate continuous and of a perfect birth. His appearance does not change his way. He is of healing from the cross. He made it through the cross. He is a victorious over the season. The Lord loves him to beat the cross. Whatever season your in Christ can help you be continuous.  God loves you and you can make it. Never forget him, he comes to you in the night and frees you. Look to the good times with Jesus and it will give you strength. Don't worry about a thing, God's got it. I want you to know that death wasn't easy for Jesus he made it through let the Lord help you through the death you feel. God loves you. So we are continous look to him. We come to his presence and we feel the change.

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