Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Lamb Wins.

I saw the lamb amidst the path, it led to the cross, it stayed and tarried. It led home. I saw it walk, it was perfect to the son. The lamb was Jesus Christ. He took his cross and carried it. We are little Christs walking with him. Though we stumble, we may walk close to him. The closer we walk to him the more we work upon us how much he took our sins away. Let God himself arise and show us the resurrection.
His resurrection and cross inside of us are miracles. He fulfilled all of the prophets passages for the cross upon it and woke with pure joy on the third day. Don't worry a bit God has our sin restituded on the cross. Just trust the work of his hands. Look for the work of the cross completed by the Savior. See his hands and his feet.

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