Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Biblical Communion

The Lord told me that only the church of christ seem do communion right. I realize that as a strong word of rebuke to the church. United Methodist Church use leavened bread, catholics use fermented wine. I think this gets people in drinking over time. Also I have seen Catholics not letting non catholic christian partake in communion which I think is a bad practice. I think that the Lord meant it this way that he left a biblical blueprint in the bible how to do communion and church of christ are the only ones that get their whole ceremony out of the bible. I think some churches are too laxadazical it comes to communion for they partook it on the first day of the week in the bible. The Lord wants us to take communion every week that is what Jesus told me last week. It is an impartation that is important to the Lord. It follows the Law. The only thing that you could add is music which okay, do this in rememberance of me. There is a spirit of remembrance and a spirit of resurrection. We remember his death and live his resurrection. We carry this together.His body and blood we partake through the euchurist. The body is the bread and his blood the fruit of the vine.The fruit of the vine is the juice from the vine.I think it is best to get welches with homemade unleavened bread. I found this gives such a great service to the Lord. I think we can find these things in a catolog. It makes the service special and we must keep it special. We shouldn’t take it in vain. We must take it and examine our walk with him. Walk with the living savior.I feel his presence and his touch sometimes like the brush of angel wings happening to me. We serve even though he is in the invisible, but alive and visiting. He shares impartation with us, we must look for them.
Watch how he communes with us and fellowships with us. Alway fellowship with the Lord and never take him for granted.
Here are the verses of a biblical communion.
The impartation is compared to an inheritance. Eph 1:3-14

The instructions Matthew 26:26-30, Mark 14:12-26 John 15:1 Acts 20:7-8

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