Monday, November 20, 2017

The Best Decision for You Tract

After many years of walking with the Lord, I can affirm that a relationship with God is the best decision.I can see that the Lord's way is for you not against you. You have a lot of grace with God the more you understand his character. He loves you, very much. Wait upon the Lord and he will give you strength to see great things come. Look to him in strength and he will give you a noble thing to accomplish that will wow you and accomplish you greatly. Look to him in his justice and you will be rewarded, it is a noble task. God has a revival for you to preach. Wait and it will come. I feel it coming like a mighty ocean crashing into a continent, it is as big as the world and mighty as him who takes it. I hold the oceans thus says the Lord. It is great. Heartless men will be blinded then come to the cross. In their heart their eyes can't see the ocean but feel its affect and sound. Look the eyes of God trembling within you, ready to see ready to shine ready to focus up its journey.I have it the journey for you thus says the Lord. 

"I am ready to give it to you. Wait for it and Go, hear me and come. Wait and see what I do. It will astound you! Focus on him and pant as the air of God goes about in justice for me on its way, her the church seeks you out. I will be there for you. I will show you the way. Look to him and Go and you will come to me and know the way. It is beautiful and lovely and great. My song will come out, it is the song of salvation. I will save many and they will come. They will know me and be with me forever. I have great numbers for you to save. It will work for you not against you. Who I put in your fold I will walk with you. Don't worry about the crowd I have your way thus says the Lord I am the way. I am the Truth and the Light. Those that come to the father know me come to father and be one as I am one. Look to my son and be a son as I am one. Look to Spirit be the Spirit. I have it all for you in my walk with you."

I want you to understand this a message from God. Hold in grace as it was for my ministry I share it for you to know for Jesus gave it to me ; let on him/let on him inside he will show you greatness like never before. This is the message let him come on your body and saturate you like never before. His saturation is spiritual let him work in you like never before and show his wholeness in grace.You will be astonished by the love he has. Take Jesus in his Spirit believe and receive Jesus as Savior. He will come in you and bless you.

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