Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Reach out to God's heart

The Lord of Lords loves you immensely he gives you such love if you simplely reach out to him. He is so great. Look to his bosom it is warm and full of love. Reach out to the Holy Spirit, so beautiful to love. The church has such love from God better than human love or anything close. I love you all, may Christ guide your hearts to righteousness and good living. He is so wonderful to learn from.

I want you to know my heart. It is full of insight for him I can't grasp. It like I just feel his love and know it is there. I have the insight when I need it but I depend on him. He gives such great wonderful things. I can only encourage. He is the Lord of all. I pray and hope for new things through my relationship with him. Please help me, I love to know blessings from God in a new way.

I will bring you more soon. I feel a season of revelation coming. I am working on new things, giving me new joy. It is hard to know him without walking with him so I walk with him in these new things. I feel he wants me to earn money in a secular way and start ministering where I am at soon. I am in a new season for that. It comes sometimes and you must pray for opportunity. I need to see miracles, I want them badly. When your soul hungers for something then the Spirit works on your regard to do that. It is very good for the Spirit's heart to find the joys of your soul and work to please you. He is a real God that does this.

Look to others for growth Eric. I need you to help me fund raise.
We are moving in a new season of ministry and I feel this from the Lord that we are supposed to start fundraising for my books. It is a good season coming. I love you all.

Look to the hopes of JESUS, he has beautiful hopes for you.
I love finding out what he is hoping for prophetically. He accomplishes his hopes and brings new life.

I have more love for you all. Let the love shine in his kingdom. I appreciate my joy completed in him. May his kindness be shown, may his kingdom come. King Jesus let your will be done.

In him,

Mike Wilkinson

Honor him. With all your heart.

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