Tuesday, March 6, 2018

7 years and 7 months from now a prophecy for the future

I see something in the bible coming to pass it deals with 7 years is not literal. It is powerful and has to do with the revival word I am hearing before me. It is a great word I feel, not one I can take lightly. It can be 7 years this revival on VFNtv.

For the Distant Future
It is more the king that comes.
HEAR. A Joseph will rise in the land.
It will be beautiful gorgeous as Rachel.
It will be a promise kept. A triumph for the King of Israel.
Israel will expand it's borders to be a triumph for the world. It will stretch its number. Just it multiplied before it will multiply again. It is said, sand of the seashore, numerous. Not a star is out of reach of your people. You will be king of the Jews. < Reverent>  Oh great king, we be as numerous as the sky.It will be numerous like no number that can fit on a chart. It shall be the end.

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