Monday, March 12, 2018

Pursue Each Other in the Gospel

God told me to post a blog on here so I will be obedient. God wants all your sorrows and grief. He loves you let him carry your burdens to the cross, he lives to do so. I want all of you to know the inexpressible love given by Facebook for the future. He wants us to use facebook for church we can express the father's heart. Keep loving him with all your heart he will give you such joy inexpressible. It is good to see all of you in person and online. Let the relationship ripen and bud new seed. H e w a n ts y o u. Enjoy each other's presence like God loves you. He shall share love with one another from the Spirit. Let other's of the world impart our joy for the consummation of joy--THE HOLY SPIRIT. Love them as God loves them, be Christ to them; draw them in. Let them know him through you in greatness, knowledge, and heart. I want you to know him better seek his voice till you find it, be at the father's heart. Let him fulfill righteous things through you so that show you love your relationship with the Lord. Impress a relationship.

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