Friday, June 29, 2018

Implants, the mark of the beast and alien surgery

Alot of people have had surgery, where something was placed in their body. It is an issue for some people to get surgery in some traditions. It is against some people's religious rules to get transplants in their body such as blood transfusions and livers and to break skin with a scalpal. I have to say that their is more a spiritual reaction than a change. The reactions don't change who your are to God, your decisions do. It is more a miracle in many ways so even God reacts. Sometimes we have a spiritual reaction to bring healing to those that have lost a love one. That is what I think, now I think people who were taken by aliens can accept Jesus. An alien implant isn't the mark of the beast. But we must realize that the Anti-Christ may use the Dragon to convince people to take the mark. We don't want to take the mark. The Literal Dragon maybe a genetically altered human being if we are that far we know. It is more we want to be Christ's. I believe their are demons that act as aliens and there are also living creatures which I believe are aliens. Aliens are in the bible as being existent in Ezekiel so we should not judge them. I think they are more interconnected and get the word out of truth. It is more they understand than not. We need to be understanding. I think though they may have ways for people not to see them. We have invisiblity cloaks after all they probably cloak their systems from understanding in most cases. It is like you don't want spying on your world by an outside force that you are not surveying.

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