Sunday, June 24, 2018

Space Force

Space Force, so Star Trek is mad and Star Wars is happy. This actually one of biggest events in human history. We also need to build with robots a space highway for safer travel. They will also need to remote control robots also build stations to check spacecraft in space. Also very well built gravity generators for people to recuperate as well as checking stations for hazardous material. We need to put emergency stations on all islands so people aren't stranded too on Earth. We can use 3D printers and automation to build automatic homes on space property. We can build biodomes for our robots stationed on the Moon and then on Mars. We can create reactional, space made from other planetary objects, robotic manufacturing by manufacturing processes that only work there and mining on the moon. We can get harder materials that can dig into venus and see what is inside. We can create space elevators to go further to carry material up. We can create worlds through ionization and careful planning. There is so much to do. I can see we can build bigger ships. Ones that take far out there and gather material far out there that is rare here and make a bold new future.
We can start crews too for temporary stations. Whatever the future just know it is in the Lord's hands.

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