Sunday, July 1, 2018

Vision about the world ending in Fire

I saw a vision of a battle over changing the moon atmosphere. Many were scared of doing it.  Somehow the earth's surface got all burnt. Apparently people had a huge battle and several areas in the solar system were messed up. They were fighting over resources. The earth had been evaculated so they could blow it up and get the iron core. They had terraformed Mars and Europa. They were still mining in the Kepler belt. People had banned English as a language and my great great etc ancestor was following what I left. I left a repeating principal that every 7th generation they would learn to be like me. This caught on and was repeated several generations. The ban on English was a war lost thing. Everyone got ships and left the planet to live elsewhere, we knew how to warp to other regions. The earth was talked about to be built again. I don't know what to say. I feel that there is something missing. We should never do war over this. Everything was taken care of.

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