Thursday, September 13, 2018

Living with Jesus

I can only make it so much and the Lord wants me to make it as much as him. When my heart condemns me, the Lord is there to pick me up. I fight for a good relationship with God. I know him and he knows me. It is like the air that I breathe, the water that I drink, the food that I eat. I know with him I am alive. I dare not depart. I am sorry Lord for departing even though you knew what I could withstand. It is your son that you see. Even though I came back you want me to renew my vows to you. You want me baptized even though, You baptized me in the heavenly realm and I baptized myself twice. There is nothing like connecting yourself to your bride. I will be baptized by the group I am supposed to soon. God I love you.

If you like to be baptized talk to us here at Free Encouragement we would be happy to enter you into the fold of the church. Message us at

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