Monday, September 24, 2018

Something New

God wants me to continue my journey learning some harder things such as the Jewish language. I am going to try to get more structure to my ministry. Word studies to learn the Jewish language and lifestyle maintaining of course my roots in Christianity. The Messiah is important too, he teaches me everyday to live a better life. We always remember he judges us with our degree and way of judgement held to his degree of judgement. His degree is better than our degree. He often leads us to love and holiness, to keep with repentance, kindness and grace. He wants us to live justly and have mercy. He teaches us new things like a child, the world is no smaller than what he created. We have learned but do we know a measure. He always has more. He is always there to guide and discipline.Let Christ Guide You AND GIVE HIS COUNSEL. :D

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