Sunday, October 14, 2018

Learning to Engage

We want to go where the Lord goes, do as he does, when we do this we ask... What is the Father doing? How are we to do something for the Lord with him? We do it in peace and faith. Let your steps be by the inspiration of God. If you feel that someone is left out, ask the Lord what we are to do for him. We can not do it without him. I feel there is more to me than what I say, but it is what he says and leads that makes the way for us; we want more. Are we helping Jesus to get there? We need to watch him and partner with him to help. We have so many great things ahead when we get our Lord in the mix of our lives. It is impossible to do ministry without God and effect his heart. We want to effect his heart. He loves our steps with him. God wants you to succeed. Look at what it looks like for true success for you.. He loves you, loves to bless you. It is important to succeed with him. If your just with him your successful. The Lord looks for people all the time who are faithful. God wants to lift you up. He works out of your a relationship a success you don't understand, it is beautiful. Look to him. I constantly remind you to follow him. I love him so much, I make him the leader in whatever I do. You should love me more than you do, I'm not a trend, I'm a person. God feels this and so do I. I know Jesus has led me to tell you. He has me imitate him. He wants you to be free to look at me with respect. I need more respect, it's not about coolness. I work so hard to help you guys and I don't get enough respect. Irregardless, I need to be honored. I don't get enough honor. It hurts so much to walk in my shoes sometimes.

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