Monday, January 7, 2019

A Word for the East Coast

Kingdom days, I declare it. Kingdom days. The Middle East is going to come to God through television becoming more secular. The life of God is going to shine like the sun, it will have its noonday. It will be hot, hot, hot, but the desert spring will continue to get better, as word spreads about deserts becoming sun fed harvest time. The new land will be built up. It is going to be fun in the middle east.
The east coast is going to be affected by the change in the middle east and around the world as revival starts to erupt. It is going to be a noonday like no other. Though the noon is hot, it when the most light hits an area. It is brightest then. It will be brighter than the dawn. It will brighter than any day before. The King shall come in radiance and glory. A new king shall rule this land, It is a new day. People shall come to the light in all glory. The Light of his glory will shine, it shall be a new day.

The land will come to great people and great harvest will happen. It will be no longer mine but the Lord's.

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