Thursday, January 10, 2019

The New Air1

Lately, Air1 has switched its song choice system to internet voting choice. It is a way better system than DJ favoritism. The songs are chosen by joy and God. Slightly older songs have made a come back with Air1's new banner, 'Worship Now.' It brings more life as people pray for the songs to be full of life as the hit the air. I'm impressed. More new songs and more people playing hopefully the songs on their CD that deserve air time. The music seems more God-centered as this new system of song choice takes effect.
I hope they get into more social reform. It's sad you have closer look but really not enough application.
We need to stop abortions and bullying. I can tell you kid, I'm proud of you, but if you do it your going to have really deep emotional problems after. A life is a life, you shouldn't take it.

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