Friday, March 1, 2019

Getting rid country club christianity

We don't want to be partakers in sin, pride, elitism or favoritism. God hates sin. It is important to get rid all sin and demons. We use the voice of Lord to get rid of demons and prosper in discernment. God makes us strong in deliverance to get rid of demons. I want us all to grow in the cross. Let us grow strong in deliverance.  We want a repentant life, let that lead the way. These things are subject that get ignored with the Holy Spirit. Let our heart come to revival may we cross a new threshold across our state. Let Christ have living relationship with you today. He leads don't get a hard heart of pride in his leading. Grow in discipleship from Jesus. Love one another. Love Christ Jesus in all his movement throughout the earth. I want to make sure we don't fall into laziness but prosper in him. Let your life honor God.

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