Thursday, April 25, 2019

Equal Opportunity in Education

I think we need to make seminaries paid for with the other classes, we need to rely on the state to pay for our education as an equal opportunity with this program that presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposed. Republicans should adopt the program, private schools can be paid for by this program so there is equal opportunity. They should be paid for at least in part. This wealth tax works this way every dollar above 50 million in a person's wealth will be taxed 2 cents per dollar. Out of this tax, they can pay for state childcare 0-5, paid college, get rid of student loan debt for 95 percent of Americans and nearly a trillion dollars left over. They can put this into business capital for those wanting to start businesses.
College can also be paid for by having the college take a portion of a person's earnings after school to pay for school. Plus scholarships and we got private college paid for entirely.

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