Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How we pay off the national debt?

How to get the world out of debt get everyone in equal debt and write it off through legislation. Most of the world is already in debt this is the solution I see.
We are still expanding the economy so getting rid of the national debt isn't a real problem. It is NOT the debt of the people it is the debt of the nation. We must remember that. 
Caines economics says countries we can go into debt. But we need to be discerning of the year of jubilee. This is meant to get the people out of debt, not necessarily the nation. Economics before taxes, freedom before regulation. Grace over inflation. We need to not let emotions get in the way in stocks but invest wisely in overall demand growth.
Emotions in finance destroy us from getting the opportunities available such as options and positive growth. Companies try to rattle daytrader emotion so they don't make huge sell-offs happen and make them work harder pocketing cash for the company on day trades. They set up the stock movement for long term investors to keep their money in the company.

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