Friday, May 3, 2019

Enlightenment is Jesus

I think that people miss the point of life when they don't search for it. I can tell a Buddhist that Enlightenment is found by accepting the Holy Spirit. You receive that by make Jesus the Lord of your life and believing in his resurrection. The Holy Spirit gives enlightenment, you can cast everything aside and see what your future should be about. You want to understand the world, look the Holy Spirit. It shows you deeper things than you ever known. Be made alive by its power. The end of the deep end isn't mediation, it's relationship with Jesus. He defeated death so we may too. The deepest spot is Jesus. It's more than sitting there its power. You must be empowered. You can reach the heights of power, you reach it when you conquer death with God by the Holy Ghost entering your life. He conquers death for you for eternal life. He empowers you. He enlightens you. 

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