Friday, May 3, 2019

New legislation passed on freedom of religion

Pastors have won a big battle for free speech. The Johnson Amendment used to put bondage on pastors to not talk politics or else lose their tax-exempt status, although no one really followed it. Although I know of some hesitant pastors on sharing their opinion on political issues, I think we should be able to share our opinion on political leaders in the office. If we want to have a voice of values we have to talk
about politics, it is an application of our faith. I want people to feel free. To freedom.

In other news, Congress has passed a Health Care Conscience Rights Act. This gives healthcare workers the right to refuse service that goes against personal conscience. Conscience rights I believe will be applied to other moral battles. Conscience rights are unalienable rights. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and application of their right where it is moral unto God.

National Day of Prayer at the White House

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