Friday, May 3, 2019

'Unplanned' makes 17 Million in the box office

The Prolife movie Unplanned has made 17 Million in the box office so far. I think when the Avenger craze dies down more people might see this movie. As many of you know I am prolife and this movie does build conviction for that. I think it is very graphic. It is more centered around the woman's life than a documentary of the effect abortion causes. 

Over 1 billion people have been aborted. That is a sad count. To you babies that have been aborted we write this. Abortion causes emotional trauma in the woman that will last the rest of their life. I highly suggest keeping your baby or at least putting it up for adoption. Adoption is safer for your emotional health. Don't be fed a bunch of lies about abortion, it is bad for you and the child growing inside. Don't kill a baby.

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