Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Find the Light

God is light. When it is dark, God has light for you. When we fight the darkness, God will bring the sun. He sheds his light for us. He is light. God wants us to shine like stars. We can be radiant like him when we are close to the Lord. We work on our radiance, we stir all the things around us and put it all together with life. Over time we come into radiance to shine like stars. We passed the test and pressures to make a great star. Simply when we are light like him we shine so the furthermost telescope can see. We are more like than are stars, I want to say this so you are not caught into works. We all can shine and be winners like him. We can shine!
We can find out destiny with him. We can shine in the darkness. We can make light. In times that are hard, we can be a light to others. In everything, we find his light when we search for him. He is our light, he provides the oil. God helps us through. Be a light by witnessing to the world. He will shine through you.

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