Friday, December 13, 2019

Fresh Free Encouragement

I am going through some new things seasonally, Just to let you know. I am on a new adventure according to Christ some new things for the ministry. New theme new ventures, a new book. I ask all of you to buy and enjoy, if you don't then your not my disciples. Even if you are and want to buy it some other day, I highly suggest you do. I join in your ventures please join in mine. I know if you do you will be bless. With the Lord leading us we can do many things. The main thing is sowing into ministry right now. That way we may start many things. I am not here to say much more but many things can be loosed for the kingdom. It isn't about me and what I need it is about the kingdom.

Consider sowing into this ministry regularly. It could save a life, it could help the hungry, it could make the world better. Consider sowing, into the prosperity of others that work hard for the kingdom.

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