Sunday, December 15, 2019

God needs to come in.

There are alot of needs in the world it is time for a change. How we supply is done by grace work.
1. We need to raise money.
2. We need to give our all.
3.We need to join the work.
It is time to raise funds for a building. We need to be more than online. We need a local center that can do more in the community. I know it is much but God owns the land of a thousand hills. We need to go to the next step. We need to take in the broken and the hurting, life has more for us than receivers, we need to be givers. Give your all.
I am sick of fighting illness, it time defeat it with the tithe.
I can tell you, tithing can defeat evil.
It can stop hunger. I need to fast and get this junk off of me.
I need to do a fast for a tithe.
The tithe is mine to do what I please with responsibly. It is supposed to go to the next level.
Join in the fast.
It starts today. It is a dominion tithe. When allow me to prosper you prosper tooo.
Nothing is over. Let prosperity begin.

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