Monday, January 6, 2020

Looking to the Jesus and the Word

Jesus is the wind under our wings. He is the sail and guide. When he is resting he is still there. We know he always works. His angels take guard. We need Jesus to make us what we need to be. We need the word to make us what we need to be. His angels keep us righteous moving in when temptation comes. We need Christ in our hearts. We need him in our minds. He renews us in the way nothing can. It is beautiful to follow the Lord for the word of joy he gives. When we are patient we find his word. Even when the word is hidden behind high walls we know that we have him to guide us. Don't give up on the word of faith. It can get you to the next level. Freedom is tasted from the word of Christ. Don't give up on faith, you need it more than you know. It is wisdom.

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